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The OB-Gyne department provides best medical and nursing care to  general and high risk patients. We have 24 hours ER & Labor Room 7 days a week; we have 2 clinics every day from 08:00 a.m. to 24:00.  All our doctors are highly qualified with great experience. We want our patients to know that “ We Give Great Care”
To satisfy the complex medical, obstetric and surgical needs to females.
To be the best choice maternity Unit.
Emergency cases through the ER with 24/7 service.
OPDs clinic for obstetric and Gyne cases.
Our clinic cover all variety of cases in additional high risk ones as such:
Previous cesarean section
Associated medical conditions (DM, HTN, Renal or Lung disease)
Multiple pregnancy
Sickle cell disease and anemia
Poor Obstetric history
Postdate pregnancy
Infertility Investigations and treatments.
Labor & Delivery (L&D) Services 24/7.
Counseling and consultation to patients with values medical and obstetrics condition sent from other medical institutes.
Our L & D has the following:
Highly equipped  labor rooms
Dedicated CTG rooms
Labor-free analgesia ( different modalities as PCA, Block and Epidural)
Operating  theater and recovery unit
Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia observation room
Assessment room