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HAH Emergency Departments is designed to care for a full spectrum of patients, either suffering from serious medical problems or conditions that can’t be wait to be seen through OPDs. Specially trained doctors and nurses work as a team to provide the best possible care for all age group patients.


To provide the highest quality of emergency care in an efficient time in a leading and friendly environment that involves our emergency physicians, their patients, and the public


To grow-up our service to be the best possible in the region and our team to be recognized and valued for their commitment to high quality patient care, leadership and innovation.


ER unit of our hospital is located at the west gate with dedicated emergency entrance where the reception will be found there. The unit work 24/7 during the whole year.  The department is divided to:

  • Triage area: this is the primary encounter arear where the 1st care will start by doing initial assessment of our patient.
  • 8 Male Emergency beds
  • 4 Female Emergency beds
  • Resuscitation room for arrested cases
  • Isolation unite
  • And special track for patient with respiratory infection

Our working hours:

The unit is open for 24hours every day

Extension Number:


Location (where to find us):

Ground floor, west gate