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perioperative and pain medicine


Anesthesia department in HAH has a unique style dealing with all varieties of patient medical conditions who are subjected to different surgical procedures. All based upon updated ASA practice guidelines and JCIA standards. Our department staffs has a long experience in order to assure best patient care with optimum safety


  • Providing high standards in the discipline of anesthesia for our patient. Competent and caring physician achieves this through a commitment to highest-level care in organized and provision of safe and effective service in anesthesia with the use of the latest in anesthesia technology. We shall provide a comprehensive pre-anesthesia evaluation, intra-operative care and post-operative follow-up.
  • Equally important to our mission is the implementation for an exhaustive plan for the management of acute and chronic pain for all



We will lead the evolution of perioperative care in the city through advances in the care of patients with acute and chronic illnesses. Through integrated approaches to the care of patients from the time of surgical diagnosis to discharge from the care of the surgeon


We deliver our care for different types of surgical and sub-surgical patients during the year. Your care for both elective cases as well as emergency ones. In additional to all that, our department has the following services:

Pain Medicine:

It include Nerve Blocks, catheters, ablations and PRP

That deal with chronic pain (e.g. Back pain, shoulder or knee) or sport injuries.


We are able to offer 24 hour a day, 7 days week coverage on our Birthing Units. Our services are epidurals for labour, anesthetics for caesarean delivery, post-partum pain management

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Our team covers the age group from infant till childhood. staff are dedicated to providing care, love, and hope to their patients throughout the perioperative period that involve ENT, Plastic, Urology and General surgery procedures.



Regional/ Acute Interventional Perioperative Pain Services (AIPPS)

As the name suggests helps provide pain control in cases of acute pain after major surgery, trauma and medical (as SCD) for hospital in-patients.  The APS is able to provide advanced pain management modalities such as intravenous patient controlled analgesia with opioids (IV PCA), continuous epidural infusions, neuraxial opioids, intravenous lidocaine infusions and continuous plexus anesthesia infusion


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